Friday, April 07, 2006

Random Walk Theory

These days it is not often that I get the time to visit Bandstand at mid-night. It used to be a regular activity a few years back, when AK and CDC used to live close by

First coffee at Reclamation Barista
The stunning shimmer of the moon
The crisp noise of the creased sea surface
The slight breeze making ruffling sounds as it makes its way through the shrubs
The mindless banter of us three,
The useless search for a dustbin - to throw disposable coffee mugs
And some sepia-tinted memories, wafting in and out
Mindlessly, taking turns, at wise-cracks and making smoke rings
All lost with a shrill cop whistle
A long walk back to their house
Winding through Mt. Mary- up hill, down hill
AK on some international call
CDC taking my trip,
Me lusting after her sister.

All that and so much more


I had forgotten how beautiful it could be.

Last night again- the familiar steps. Thinking alternatively about Sree and the some movie I saw- one making me curiously happy, the other drowning me into a cold vat of sorrow. The joy of belonging, the anguish of loss. It was a long, long walk. There was time for memories, for pondering, for exhilaration, and hope. Everything at once. The breeze was soft, balmy; and my thoughts were painted a hue of the silvery moon. Purple-pink blossoms everywhere. The lazy pre-summer sea, characteristically quiet.

Some random thoughts-
Will I manage to wake up on time tomorrow? RSP has to be the biggest JERK on this planet. Do clones have souls? Bombay is unusually flowery this spring. Why isn’t it always this pleasant? I am definitely not going to class this Sunday. Is it time to head back, yet? Where are all the cops? Perhaps no one comes here any more at this time. Not even jilted lovers. Do I like Sree? Or even Ms. P? Is liking a person, and liking their company the same thing? Will Dollar Yen trade at 115.80 tomorrow?

Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.- Charlie Brown


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this one is really nice.

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